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Paragon Print Systems, Inc. is working to establish a link network of related businesses, in order to provide our customers a great resource for their business or personal use. We're assembling a list of relevant partners, manufacturers, and resources, and are more than happy to link to relevant businesses or information providers.

If you'd like to trade links with us, you must:

  • Have a legitimate business, with a Top Level Domain (TLD) Internet Uniform Resource Locator (URL), such as, (not hosted on a "free" services provider like, for example, GeoCities or America On Line (AOL).)
  • Have a legitimate business address, (no P.O. Boxes, please!)
  • Have a legitimate contact email address associated with the Top Level Domain, (no Hotmail, Yahoo! or other "free" email provider addresses, please!)
  • Be relevant to the Printing, Barcode, Photo ID, or Business Services industries.
  • Have a Google Page Ranking of at least "3" (We will not consider outbound links from our sites to sites with "grayed out" or "0" (Zero) Google Page Ranks!) Click here to learn more about Google Page Rank.

(NOTE: We are very accomodating of "Business Services" type companies, and will likely find a place for your business in our links pages if you can demonstrate a product or service that benefits businesses. We will not list adult (sex) sites; games, "crackz" or "warez" sites; or any site that discriminates on the basis of sex, nationality, ethnic heritage, creed/belief, or age. If you can demonstrate a legitimate business "model" or operation that provides goods or services to other businesses, we'll try to find a spot for you in our Links Page.)

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