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We specialize in producing custom business forms for corporations, privately held companies membership organizations, and state and federal government. We provide well-designed business forms, produced quickly and accurately, at a very competitive price.

  • invoice forms - statements - checks - pick tickets and packing slips
  • office forms - purchase orders - envelopes, business cards and stationery
  • carbonless business forms - continuous forms - barcodes - integrated form/label combinations
  • custom labels - unit sets - computer forms - pin feed forms - software compatible forms
  • brochures and 4-color process

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Stock Papers

Paragon stocks a complete line of pin-fed computer papers. We offer virgin bonds or recycled papers from 10% - 100% post consumer recycled content.

We can create a paper stocking and distribution program to bring paper products right to your desktop.

Software Compatible Business Forms

We produce continuous feed and laser business forms for all the most popular software programs. We also make "general purpose" forms and checks that can be customized for your special needs.

Made for popular software programs we produce a great selection of these forms, including: invoices, statements and purchase orders. We also offer software compatible window and check envelopes. These envelopes are available with single or double windows to reduce printing and typing by allowing the addresses to show through. We also print regular "generic" check envelopes.

Form/Label Combinations

A business form with its own affixed card or attached label can be a very efficient and time saving way of recording information. With a carefully designed and printed form with a built-in label your company can have an Invoice, Packing Slip and Mailing Label, all with just one pass through the printer.

Labels can be added to carbonless business forms in different ways.

One of the most common is to print on paper with pre-positioned, built-in labels already integrated into the sheet. The integrated label is perforated on all four sides and has a thin protected layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back. This is an economical way of having a built-in label but the form must be designed around the pre-positioned label.

This same construction can be used for a custom form with the size and position of the label fully adjustable - and gives a high level of flexibility of design and data collection.

The other method used is to construct the form in the usual manner and have a label affixed or "piggybacked" on after printing (see description below). This allows the widest choice of label size and construction. You can have holographic labels, tamper evident labels, metallic labels and labels mounted on other labels. This is the most flexible method and can streamline your paperwork. Of course it is also the most expensive.

Healthcare Medical Claims Forms

With full time Health Care Specialists on staff we offer products and services geared to the health care industry.
Medical and healthcare forms, health insurance claims forms (HICFA), hospital claim forms (UB92), customized superbills, prescription forms, and forms for the dental, veterinary and chiropractic professions.

We also produce matching envelopes for healthcare business forms.

Financial Industry Forms

Banks, Credit Unions and other Financial and Membership Organizations have the need for secure and confidential transfer of information around the country. Secure PIN Mailers and ATM Mailers can be an important tool to help fill this need economically and effectively.

PIN Mailers can be printed and assembled in an almost limitless variety of ways. This allows for multiple secure layers and plies with integrated and loose inserts. We also have a single ply mailer that is self-adhesive and folds to secure the information.

Addressed Return Envelopes can be incorporated into the mailing package. The complete mailers can then be personalized with impact printers and are ready for mailing.

We can help you with the design and printing of PIN Mailers, ATM Mailers, Smart Card Mailers, and Security Mailers. You will be assured of the efficient, secure and accurate collection, handling and transfer of confidential information, such as PIN numbers. This will translate to higher profit margins, improved security and a more attractive bottom-line.

We are on the leading edge of modern security printing. Your PIN mailers will be produced using the latest sophisticated, digital printing equipment. They will incorporate the security features you require and will be producted quickly and economically.

Other Mailing Applications to Consider:

  • Benefits Information
  • Coupon Mailings
  • Financial Information
  • Membership Kits
  • Medical Test Results
  • New Product Promotions
  • Banking Information

Some of the Security Features available include:

  • Void Pantographs
  • MICR Numbering
  • Sealed & Secure Mailer Formats
  • Latent Image
  • Simulated Watermark
  • Pattern Carbon
  • Black-out areas
  • Self-contained Mailers
  • Traditional Envelope Mailers
  • Document Personalization
  • High Resolution Borders
  • Micro Printing
  • Visible and Obscured Security Features
  • Copy-resistant printing and patterns



We have a comprehensive line of superbills. From an efficient but economical "generic" form in individual, or computer-feed format, to a fully-customized superbill, with features such as integrated barcodes and labels, consecutive numbering, and matching printed envelopes. We can match your existing superbill or work with you to design a new form with the features you require.

One-ply Forms for Mailing (Including Pressure Seal Forms)

Complete labeling solutions and labeling systems. Healthcare Institutions accross North America rely on our expertise for supplying labels for Admitting, Radiology, Pharmacy and many other applications. We are a Zebra Technologies, Intermec, Datamax, PSC and Symbol Technologies partner.

  Contact us for a quote. See also for labeling and label printing systems.

Integrated Labels

In up to 4 colors, plus variable imaging and personalization.

Affixed Labels - printed in up to 7 colors, including full 4-color process. Any shape or size of labels using: paper or vinyl or any face stock. Can be added to continuous, carbonless forms, unit sets, and single sheets

Snap-Apart Forms and Unit Sets

Unit Sets are usually fastened at the top or side by machine or hand padding. Snap-a-part unit sets are perforated across the top of the unit sets. Individual sheets can be removed at the perforation, leaving the rest of the form intact.

They are easy to handle, and when bound into sales books with wrapround covers are a convenient way of taking forms out into the field. Carbonless Unit Sets are the most popular, however forms that are filled out by hand are often made with carbon paper. The carbon requires less pressure to get clear duplicate copies of the form.

Our staff of printing professionals keeps up-to-date with constantly improving methods of business forms production. Use of the very latest methods and machinery reduces our design and manufacturing costs and we pass these savings on to you.

Computer Forms, Pin Feed Forms, Tractor Feed Forms

They are joined together at the head and foot with a perforation between each set so they can be separated after data entry. Construction can vary from a single sheet of strong paper, to a multi-part carbonless, or with-carbon form.

The construction of continuous forms is just about infinite with new features being added all the time. Forms can include built-in labels, or have labels added to your forms after printing - see the integrated labels page.

  For a quote on your custom form click here.

Envelopes, Stationery, Letterhead, Business Cards

We are America's Source for Envelopes. We stock millions of envelopes in all sizes, styles, and colors, that are available either printed or plain. To find great prices on the most widely used business envelopes, hardest to find specialty envelopes, and everything in between simply fill out our request for envelope quote. We offer custom window size or window placement and many custom features.

Our minimum quantity is only 500 envelopes, standard delivery is 5 business days.


We offer all check constructions with the latest security features. Some of the Security Features available include:

  • Void Pantographs
  • MICR Numbering
  • Sealed & Secure Mailer Formats
  • Latent Image
  • Simulated Watermark
  • Pattern Carbon
  • Black-out areas
  • Self-contained Mailers
  • Traditional Envelope Mailers
  • Document Personalization
  • High Resolution Borders
  • Micro Printing
  • Visible and Obscured Security Features
  • Copy-resistant printing and patterns

Laser Checks - Laser checks are produced in single sheets to feed easily through most popular laser printers. The check can be at the top or in the middle, depending on the software it is designed for.

Continuous Checks - Continuous checks are designed to feed through a dot-matrix printer. The pins of the printer strike the check and leave an image. If the check is of multi-part carbonless construction, the image goes through to the plies underneath.

Pressure Seal Checks - Pressure Seal forms are single part forms, which after being imaged are folded into a mailer, using folder-sealer equipment. U-Seal is a similar product to Pressure Seal, but it does not need a folder-sealer to be sealed; sealing can be done by hand just like a press and seal envelope.

Pressure Seal Mailers - Available in many sizes. They are available as stock items or can be custom produced to your specifications. Imaging can be done using many, but not all desktop laser printers. For samples or a quote contact us.

4-Color Process Brochures and Booklets

We offer full service short run and long run color printing of catalog sheets, newsletters and brochures all at low discount prices. From drum scanning, image setting to 4-color printing our mission is simple. Provide the best possible service at low discount prices. From concept to finished product, we can bring together all the elements to make your project a success.

What message do you want to get across in your design? You have the service or the product. How do you present that design in the best possible way? How do you get it to look just right? How do you help potential customers see what you have to offer? We can help you answer these questions. We take the time to find out exactly what you're looking for, and we have the expertise to put it into action.

Printed Booklets and Business forms bound into books with wrap-a-round covers are convenient when forms are moved around the factory, or have to be taken into the field. The extra-long front cover is tucked under the top sets to stop the pressure from going through to forms further down the book.

Business forms bound into sales books are perforated at the top so that any of the sheets can be easily removed. Sales books are usually bound with 25 or 50 sets in each book.

Barcodes, consecutive numbering, adhesive tapes, extra holes and perforations can be added.

Printed Tickets and Tags

Fast turnaround times are a must. Other companies may take up to 4 weeks to deliver your order...we can meet the most critical deadlines. Our lticket and tag solutions range from one color to full, four-color process printing. Whether you need short runs, long runs, sequential numbering, custom logos, security features….we can provide a solution for you.

We offer the latest innovations in consecutively numbered printed media, with security features including safety stocks, security inks, special printing processes, foil stamping, holograms, embossing, and other security features.

We Serve ...
Amusement Park & Recreation Industries, Carnivals & Fairs, Transportation Industries, Educational Institutions (Day Care Centers, Schools, Colleges, Universities), Church & Non-Profit Organizations, Motion Picture, Theater & Entertainment Industries, Professional & Amateur Sports Industries

Everyone here, from our customer service representatives to our shipping department, is committed to making your order run smoothly and efficiently. Contact us for a quote on your ticketing project.

Forms Management Options

Paragon Print Systems Inc. can effectively reduce and contain your ongoing printing and distribution costs. Enroll your company in our Print Management program, where the focus is to reduce and control ongoing printing costs through the effective design, control and distribution of all print communication.

Print Management programs are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require manually checked onsite inventories or computer generated offsite inventories, we have the expertise to successfully meet your needs.

We can customize your program with guaranteed savings for Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail or Hospitality industries.

Printing costs can be contained by exploring the following areas:

  • Cost Containment
    • Economic Order Quantities
    • Standardization
    • Pricing Commitments
  • Organization and Control
    • Complete Document Files
    • Numbering System Policies and Ordering Procedures
    • Paragon Performed Inventories
    • Warehousing
    • Pick and Pack
    • Distribution
    • Desk Top Delivery
    • Customized Reports
  • Use of Technology
    • Online/Electronic/Website Ordering
    • Online System Access
    • Electronic Proofing
    • EDI
    • "Just in Time" Printing
    • Electronic Forms

Paragon has helped many customers successfully implement print management programs. We have significantly reduced their printing and distribution costs, as well as increasing operating efficiencies. Let us develop a Print Management program that works for you.

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